Five Ways to Make Interviewing Easier for Recruiters.


The recruitment process can be stressful for a number of reasons, starting with the volume of candidates to be interviewed and the importance of getting it right. Luckily, there are several things a recruiter can do in advance to make the task of interviewing easier and more seamless.

Here are a few tips that are worth considering before you put out an ad or job post for the next great candidate.

Be Specific.

Make sure the candidate understands the job and exactly what a recruiter is looking for in an employee. If you have a clear description of job responsibilities, along with a list of job-related qualities of successful performers, that’s half the battle won even before an interview begins.


Use objective tools like assessments and job simulations early in the process to screen out less qualified applicants. Why interview candidates who aren’t qualified when you can narrow things down and spend quality time with those who have the job attributes you’re looking for? A growing number of recruiters also use virtual or automated interviews  for the first round to quickly identify the most qualified candidates before scheduling a face-to-face or live interview.

Stick To A Structure.

Recruiters should be equipped with a structured interview process that includes a list of pre-determined, job-relevant questions as well as a standard way to evaluate responses. As a recruiter, you should evaluate responses against these established standards rather than “going with your gut” or comparing candidates to each other.

Market Your Brand.

Provide specific information about the job as well as your company to be shared with applicants. This is important because not every recruiter may know what to say. You can use this as an opportunity to attract the best candidates by presenting a compelling and consistent message about your company.

Train And Practice.

Offer recruiters training and practice opportunities to boost confidence and build their interviewing skills. This also helps protect your company because it ensures that recruiters understand and avoid illegal or intrusive questions during the interview process.


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