To empower students for career success, workforce development and vocational training organizations across North America are turning to award-winning tools from Employment Technologies.

Here’s how four leading organizations are using our job simulations and virtual interviews to help their clients enhance skills, build confidence, and expand their career options.

Building Realistic Job Expectations

Helping young people thrive through meaningful employment is the mission of CareerWork$, a workforce development program now operating 13 sites in 10 states. “When we became aware of Employment Technologies’ EASy Simulation for Universal Bankers, we realized the students could experience a day on the job. Also, the simulation requires the students to interact with virtual customers, which further helps them understand what’s involved with customer service,” explains Program Director Ranko Fukuda.

Giving Students a Competitive Advantage

Serving more than 37,000 people each year, WoodGreen Community Services in Toronto embraces an entrepreneurial mindset when seeking solutions to benefit their clients. “When creating our new customer service representative (CSR) training program, we wanted to give participants a realistic preview of what the job is like, including offering practice and assessing their customer service skills, so they would be more competitive in the labor market,” explained Karin Deane, Training Coordinator. “I chose Employment Technologies because of their products and willingness to adapt to our needs as a community service organization.”

Revealing New Career Possibilities

For more than 30 years, New Jersey Youth Corps has been restoring and preserving the dignity of underserved young adults through a comprehensive program of academic instruction and community service. By integrating job simulations and immersive interview tools into their curriculum, students are awakening to all-new career possibilities in customer service and banking. “We are helping today’s youth build confidence and equip them for a productive lifestyle that includes developing a career path,” states Melinda Estrada, Program Director.

Introducing Students to the Workplace

Canada’s Sinneave Family Foundation is committed to seeing autistic adults live, learn, work, and thrive in their communities and to realize their desired futures. “EASy Simulations allow for career exploration and job sampling that participants may have otherwise never experienced due to location, COVID restrictions, or personal challenges (e.g., anxiety) that impact their ability to fully participate. The shift to experiential learning in a safe, simulated work environment provides a great introduction into the workforce, especially for those who have never had the opportunity to be in a workplace setting,” said Tanya McLeod, President of The Sinneave Family Foundation.



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