Employment Technologies Welcomes the Psychology Club from Florida Southern College!


This time of year, college campuses are buzzing with activity.  Classes are in full swing. Students are preparing for midterms and looking forward to Spring Break right around the corner.  Here in central Florida, we welcome lots and lots of spring breakers from all over the country.

At Employment Technologies, we are proud of our enduring commitment to higher education.  Recently, we hosted a group of students from the Psychology Club at Florida Southern College (FSC).  During the course of our partnership with FSC, we’ve made many trips to their campus, but this was an opportunity for us to welcome them to our home in the heart of historic Winter Park.

An Enduring Partnership

Since 2009, we have been collaborating on research projects with FSC on a regular basis.  We truly believe that our commitment to higher education helps students gain valuable research experience and exposure to real workplace problems.  As for us, we are delighted to connect with these talented college students who will soon be graduating and entering the workforce.

Pre-employment testing and simulations are an important component in the successful hiring and onboarding of new employees. Industrial/Organizational psychologists are key to their successful design and development. When we first began working with the Psychology Department at FSC, our branch of psychology was not emphasized in the curriculum. Now the school offers a high-quality undergraduate class in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and every semester students are being exposed to this field of study and learning about the many career options. Not only has FSC added an Industrial/Organizational professor to their faculty, but they are actively seeking to add a graduate degree program. It takes a lot of work to put together this type of program, and we are thrilled that they are excited enough about our field to undertake this effort.

Looking to the Future

When our partnership with FSC began eight years ago, I wouldn’t have guessed where we would be today.  I never imagined that Kristin Buechel, who was an FSC student when we met her back in 2009, would be inspired to pursue a career in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. We are delighted that Kristin has become an integral part of our Innovation team at Employment Technologies and appreciate the many contributions she has made.

During this most recent FSC visit, we previewed some our products and talked with the students about our ongoing research. Kristin also shared with them what it’s like to transition from school to a career and life in the real world.  These students, like those before them, are bright and interested, and they asked some great questions.  Who knows?  Maybe one of Employment Technologies future star employees was a part of that very group. We can’t wait to find out!