In our complex, fast-paced world, a simple and proven process has great appeal.


That’s one of the reasons Southwest Airlines is my go-to provider for air travel. Their boarding process, followed closely by a decision to embrace humor in their operation, is what keeps me coming back.

Twenty-four hours prior to take-off, I check in for my flight and receive a number in either the A-B-C sub groups. When it’s time to board, I follow the signs and claim my spot, and ultimately, my seat. Despite the typical stresses of travel, I actually relax because I have confidence that a proven process is in place. As long as I follow the guidelines, my seat on the plane is secure.

During a recent trip to Atlanta, I was number 31 in the B line. My introverted daughter is quick to remind me that public lines serve a functional purpose. I tend to see lines as more of a meet-n-greet opportunity. Numbers 32 and 33 in my B line were gracious to exchange pleasantries.

We started talking about our work, and they seemed genuinely interested in my employer, Employment Technologies. They had never heard of using simulation technology to predict talent for hiring.

And that’s when the connection clicked.

I related Southwest Airline’s boarding process to one of our products, EASyView® Virtual Interview.

Interviewing, regardless of the method, can be stressful, I said. Schedules to coordinate. Questions to prepare. Legal compliance issues to follow. What if there was a process that was as easy, consistent, and fair as this boarding process?

Intriguing for sure, but they were concerned. “I want to actually meet the person before they show up to work.”

I understand. That’s why virtual interviews are often used early in the selection process. Many companies, particularly organizations that attract a high volume of candidates, use EASyView as a pre-screening tool. This enables them to quickly identify the best candidates so they can spend more time meeting with only the most qualified.

“With a virtual interview, is it live and do the applicants get the same questions?”

EASyView saves time by automating the interview process to ensure that all candidates receive and respond to the same set of questions. This ensures consistency and helps guard against potential interviewer bias. Candidates can complete an EASyView Virtual Interview at any time, from almost any location, using their smartphone or any internet-enabled device.

“And how did you come up with that name, EASyView?”

Would you believe that it’s easy to use? Seriously!

When you’re conducting your next round of interviews, if you’d like to use a simple, proven tool, give us a call at 888.332.0648.  And when you call, share your favorite airline!