Merry Christmas!

Christmas is, indeed, the season to be jolly. Christmas lights, decorated trees, colorfully wrapped presents, and the sounds of beloved Christmas carols create a magic that warms our hearts and serves as a cherished background for gatherings of family and friends. And the excitement around gifting is a gift itself! The holiday season is truly...

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Two Biggest Recruiting Mistakes (And What to Do Instead)

My son is a long-distance runner. He runs about 5 miles a day, 5 days a week, and goes through 4-5 pairs of running shoes a year. He loves to run and understands the importance of finding just the right footwear. He knows running shoes. He recently applied for an entry-level sales position at a...

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Happy Thanksgiving from Employment Technologies

Thanksgiving is one of our team’s favorite holidays. We anticipate gathering with cherished family and friends around a shared meal that serves treasured memories alongside delicious turkey, stuffing, and a variety of pies. I also believe this season of gratitude encourages us to pause and reflect on all that we’ve been given – even the...

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