Digital Literacy Assessment

We’ve all witnessed the relentless march of technology. So, it’s easy to assume that as our comfort and familiarity with technology expands, so will our proficiency. Unfortunately, we can’t equate digital consumption with digital literacy. Digital literacy shouldn’t be confused with the passive use of digital platforms, like watching videos or scrolling through social media,...

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Digital Literacy

“There is a major gap emerging between everyday digital skills and those needed for work…” – Salesforce   If you’re asked to summarize your literacy proficiency, your answer will likely revolve around reading and writing skills. But, how would you describe your digital literacy? Do you begin with your computer usage? Do you mention software?...

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Top 5 Posts: Strategic Guidance for the New Year

Practical insights on current hiring challenges are the common thread in this year’s Top 5 Blog Posts. From lessons learned at the annual SIOP conference to a personal job search story from our Director of Innovation, this year-end collection offers a wealth of strategic guidance for the new year, too. 5. Quick, Easy Tools Help...

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