Employment Technologies Welcomes the Psychology Club from Florida Southern College!   This time of year, college campuses are buzzing with activity.  Classes are in full swing. Students are preparing for midterms and looking forward to Spring Break right around the corner.  Here in central Florida, we welcome lots and lots of spring breakers from all...

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Optimizing the Upside and Avoiding the Downside of Virtual Interviews Virtual job interviews are all the rage – and for good reason. They save time, boost efficiency, and cut costs. That’s the upside! Unfortunately there can also be a downside. For example, recently a business owner was quoted as saying that he likes virtual video...

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Most business professionals understand that employment tests must meet specific legal guidelines (as outlined in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures). But people often don’t realize that employment interviews are held to these same legal standards. How do you ensure that your interview meets these guidelines and that it provides a fair process for...

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