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When the stark realities of a life-threatening virus required the world to hit “pause,” millions of people started asking probing questions about their choices, most notably about how they earn a living. What followed the initial lockdown in the U.S. was a perfect storm of circumstances that created a labor shortage. Now, recruiters and hiring...

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What comes to mind when you think of a simulation? Whether you imagine a flight simulator or a simulated ride at a theme park, the term typically evokes an image of a highly interactive, engaging experience. Job simulations bring this realism to the workplace. Job simulations are not traditional employment tests. They are online virtual...

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A survey of our top 5 company blogs for 2021 can be summarized in two words: Competitive Edge. These posts provide pandemic-tested insights into recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, while offering a refresher on the familiar topic of customer service. We’ve listed this power-packed group for you below. Just click the links to learn more, and kick...

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