Types of Pre-Employment Testing

Hiring and Pre-Employment Testing.   Suppose your organization creates a new position, and you are tasked with choosing the right pre-employment test to identify the best new talent. You start your search by googling “pre-employment test” which yields about 195,000 results (or at least it did for me). The good news is that you’ll have...

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Pre-employment Testing and Talent Prediction.   HR professionals share a common challenge:  To hire the absolute best people in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible. Clearly, that’s easier said than done. We all understand the end goal of pinpointing top candidates who will perform well and excel on the job. Yet résumés and interviews...

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pre-employment testing - the three essentials

  Heading to the airport is simple enough. On a good day when everything’s running like clockwork, there’s absolutely nothing to it. But some days are busier than others, and sometimes you’re pressed for time. Some mornings the airport run is just one stop on a much broader school-drop-off and donation-delivery plan. And sometimes you...

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