The Respect Factor of Virtual Interviewing Helps Reduce Ghosting.


Have you heard about ghosting?  No, this descriptor has nothing to do with Halloween or other paranormal activities. Ghosting is today’s term for a job interview no-show.

Ghosting is on the rise and HR managers are experiencing more frustration than ever. Why? The majority of ghosting happens after a costly amount of effort has already been invested into building the candidate relationship. Imagine assessing the value of each hour spent on scheduling alone!

During a recent conversation with one of our clients, we’ve discovered a potential solution. We call it the Respect Factor. Respect is taking time to get to know someone, to see the relationship as a shared experience.

Now, let’s consider these 4 points related to interviewing  today’s workforce.

#1 – Millennials place a high value on flexibility.

Respect Factor:  Virtual interviews are completed on the candidate’s schedule – whenever and wherever they choose. Plus, they incur no extra expenses or time away from their current job.

#2 – Candidates report high anxiety about the unknown aspects of job interviews.

Respect Factor: Virtual interviews give candidates an appropriate amount of control, helping them feel more at ease with the process. They are able to practice, then record responses when they’re ready to go! Candidates are more likely to follow through when they are best prepared.

#3 – Clarity about a company’s culture and job expectations build trust.

Respect Factor: Virtual interviews provide opportunities to reinforce key aspects of a company’s culture. A job preview is another online tool that can be easily integrated into the interview experience to help candidates understand what the job is like and what they can expect.

#4 – Companies that allow for input and creative expression are viewed more favorably by candidates.

Respect Factor: With virtual interviews, candidates have the freedom to select a unique setting or background for recording their responses. The technology also allows for candidates to provide input or ask questions for later follow up.

Conclusion: When a company’s interview process demonstrates respect for the candidate’s time and overall experience, the odds of ghosting are minimized.

To fully optimize the Respect Factor, hiring managers will want to take a close look at each and every messaging opportunity with job candidates. Adjusting just a word or two in an email, job description, or the interview instructions might make the difference!

Ready to give virtual interviewing a try?

If you need another reason, think about the hours invested with scheduling in-person interviews. With virtual interviews, you eliminate scheduling pain, phone tag and other related hassles.

Let’s talk. We promise to respect your time!


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