Virtual interviews boost efficiency, consistency – and completion rates.


Count yourself lucky if you have yet to experience a no-show for an interview. The remaining 99.9% of hiring managers are looking for ways to recapture the lost time and still gather the necessary insights about a candidate to make a confident hiring decision. With all of the fast-paced technology at our fingertips, it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of it to streamline the interview process.

You’ve likely heard of virtual interviews, but if you’ve never experienced one, you may have a few lingering questions. Here’s some information about the process and key advantages of virtual interviewing to help bring clarity.

Getting Started.

What does virtual interviewing look like for me? For our job candidates?

Virtual interviews help employers boost the efficiency of their applicant screening process. In a virtual interview, employers are able to automatically capture applicant’s responses to predefined questions. Applicants can complete virtual interviews at their convenience, using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Once a business decides to incorporate virtual interviewing into their process, organizing the tech side of the interview is typically a collaborative experience with the employer and vendor. An online account or dashboard is created for managing files and records. Questions are developed in advance – just like an in-person interview. Some platforms offer a library of questions to choose from, or employers can create their own questions. Employers also have the option of selecting how the responses are captured. For some, voice control and quality is the primary focus, so audio-only makes senses. Others may prefer the video option.

For candidates, the experience begins when they click a link in a job posting, or receive an email with an interview link and instructions. They are guided through practice rounds to ensure audio and video are functioning properly. This precheck also helps to ensure the candidate is confident and focused when it’s time to record. Responses are available on the employer’s dashboard for immediate review and sharing with appropriate decision makers.


What benefits can we expect?

  • Calendar Control – Imagine conducting all your first-round interviews without ever opening your calendar? Hiring managers that use virtual interviews don’t have to imagine. Sharing invitation links and reviewing interview responses are done at their convenience.
  • Clarity – Hiring managers receive unique insights when candidates are given the freedom to interview in an unconventional manner. One manager was impressed by a candidate who took the initiative to record her responses in a memorable location. Another used a backdrop that reflected an understanding of the company’s values.
  • Peace of Mind Virtual interviews standardize the process so that each applicant receives and responds to the same set of pre-determined questions. Responses are captured in a fair and consistent manner, becoming a legal safeguard for potential adverse impact.

One Last Question.

Does virtual interviewing replace in person interviewing?

The answer depends on your hiring objectives and process. While they can be used at any stage of the interview process, virtual interviews can be a great way to narrow a candidate pool so that key time and dollars are spent on those with the greatest job fit. Also, let’s return to the recruiters and other HR staff members who are responsible for making interview arrangements. Perhaps integrating virtual interviews into the process is one way of recognizing the importance of their time and talents.

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