The very best gifts cost only moments of time.

Christmas is about sharing.  And that usually entails the giving of gifts.

Merchandisers, of course, are eager to sell you gifts. Turn on the television, scroll the Internet, or glance in the newspaper and you are bombarded with advertising, encouraging you to buy sparkling jewelry, beautiful new cars, fashionable clothing, the latest technological gadgets, and entertaining, clever new toys

Except for a few close relationships, selecting the right gift for the right person is often difficult and expensive. Yet one of the best gifts is often overlooked.

It is the gift of sharing your time – and attention – with family and friends who are most meaningful in your life.

That’s because the time you spend with your friends and loved ones creates memories that continue to live on.

We can all think back on experiences like baking cookies in the kitchen, decorating the Christmas tree, marveling at displays of holiday lights, and enjoying the soft glow of fire in the fireplace, accented by the backdrop of Christmas music.

Those kinds of experiences create unique memories that bind you and your loved ones together. The experiences that you create are what live on, long after the jewelry is stored away, the new gadget has become obsolete, and those Christmas toys have filtered their way down to the bottom of the toy box.

Indeed, the real meaning of Christmas is not what is under the tree, but what is in your heart. And the memories you create by sharing your time is what makes the holidays special every single year.

 So, our wish for you this holiday season is that each of you enjoys rich and lasting experiences with your family and friends, and that those experiences draw you even closer.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!