Heading to the airport is simple enough. On a good day when everything’s running like clockwork, there’s absolutely nothing to it.

But some days are busier than others, and sometimes you’re pressed for time. Some mornings the airport run is just one stop on a much broader school-drop-off and donation-delivery plan.

And sometimes you find yourself at the curb of Departing Flights only to discover that your suitcase is sitting at home on the sidewalk next to the driveway.

Sometimes that’s exactly what happens.

What to Do?

Faced with a clear dilemma and a time margin of zero, you really only have two choices:




But if you’re lucky, there is a third option.

3. Relax. Knowing that the three essentials of air travel are in your purse.

The Three Essentials

HR Departments can be stressful too. Today’s recruiters and hiring managers must juggle multiple priorities and often squeeze in more tasks than will reasonably fit in one day. When you factor in pre-employment testing and finding the best new talent, it’s easy to miss things.

And sometimes those things are important.

That’s why we’re putting together a three-part blog series on pre-employment testing. This easy-to-follow series provides key strategies and helpful tips to make sure your hiring process gets off the ground.

We’ll outline the three essentials of pre-employment testing, the pros and cons of the most common employment tests, and best practices for selecting the right pre-employment tools for your organization. We’ll even throw in a checklist to make sure you don’t miss something!

As long as you have a ticket, driver’s license and credit card, you can take off for a weeklong trip to Colorado to visit your mother with just what’s in your purse. (You can trust me on that.)

And when you have the three essentials of pre-employment testing in place, you can relax, knowing that you have the best process for hiring the absolute best people.


Next week. Part I:  The Three Essentials of Pre-Employment Testing