You want to hire the best possible people for your next job opening – right? If so, relying solely on the techniques that have worked in the past may not be delivering the optimal talent for your job openings. Check out the options below to evaluate new technologies that will help you attract and hire the best new talent.

Option 1: Company Preview
Attract and hire people who embrace your company vision and culture. Stand apart from the competition by presenting a clear and compelling message about your company—highlighting your organization’s values, goals, and vision. A multimedia company preview is a perfect way to share your company story with job candidates and to highlight why your company is a great place to work.

Option 2: Realistic Job Previews
Don’t wait until people are on the job to see if they are a good fit for the position. An ideal tool for ensuring that people understand what the job entails is to provide candidates with a realistic preview. While it’s tempting to paint a sunny picture, it’s important to be candid. For maximum success, highlight both the rewards and challenges of the job. This helps candidates decide if the job is right for them. Ultimately, candidates that are knowledgeable and excited about the job are more likely to make a smooth transition and are less likely to leave prematurely.

Option 3: Virtual Interviews
Why should you fly in candidates for a job interview or have them come in from hours away when you are able to interview them online? Virtual online interview systems automatically interview job candidates for you and record their responses so you can review them at your convenience. This helps you narrow down the pool of qualified candidates quite rapidly. Virtual interviews eliminate scheduling hassles and offer significant time and cost savings.

Option 4: Gamification
If you want to recruit the best possible people, you have to entice them to want to apply for your job. Gamification is a concept that uses gaming designs and techniques to digitally motivate and engage people to achieve their goals. The reason this has become popular in recruiting and selection is that it combines fun with learning more information about the job. The best gamification tests provide a simulated platform for the job, allowing the company to accurately determine on-the-job performance. Our EASy Simulation® Virtual Customer is a good example of an employment test that combines both gaming concepts and simulation.

Option 5: Simulation Tests
Much like gamification, job simulation tests create an engaging “test-drive” of the job. A simulation-based test can tell you much more about a potential candidate than an actual interview or other screening method. Online simulation tests immerse candidates in realistic job situations where they perform the same tasks they would normally handle during a standard workday. This removes potential biases, allows for evaluation of actual “on-the-job performance,” and tells you much more than a resume could ever hope to tell you about a potential candidate. Simulation tests are considered the gold standard for hiring new employees.

Option 6: Integrated Hiring Strategies
One of the benefits of these options is that they can be easily integrated to create a custom screening system built around your specific hiring needs. Many of our clients begin with one of our award-winning simulations, then add components to round out their current screening process.

We’ve prepared a handy infographic to be shared with your HR Manager, that will help you sort through five current recruiting or hiring strategies.

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