This month, this year, this Thanksgiving I am reminded of one of Yogi Berra’s famous quotes, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”  With the outcome of the election and the days to follow, Yogi’s quote rings true, now more than ever.

So, what can we predict?

The answer that comes to mind, and one that brings with it a feeling of happiness and contentment, is Thanksgiving. This is the season of gratitude for the blessings we have received.

Gratitude for our country.

Nearly 225 years ago the founders of this country couldn’t have predicted what a great nation this would become. Yet, I do believe they knew what was precious to all people and the importance of protecting the fragile reality of freedom.

We can be thankful for a government that allows for the peaceful transition of power. We are blessed that we live in a country where ideas and free speech are not only allowed but protected. No matter who is in power, those freedoms are a constant and a source of comfort and hope. So, first I want to express gratitude for living in the most wonderful country on earth.

Gratitude for family.

I am also thankful my family and my Employment Technologies family. I’m grateful for the friendship and love we have for each other. We share many moments together – moments of achievement, happiness, gratitude, pride, sadness, contentment, disappointment, and many more.  It’s not about us individually. It’s about sharing life’s challenges and blessings together.

Gratitude for friends.

Most certainly, we are thankful for you, our extended network of friends. It is encouraging to know we are contributing to your success. You are our first priority and we value the opportunity to be included as part of your work. We hope that this season you can reflect on your blessings as we all share in the Thanksgiving tradition of gratitude.