Orlando FOX affiliate highlights how simulation testing is used by employers to predict and hire the best new talent.

Employment Technologies’ simulation-based testing, and how the technology works to help organizations seeking to hire new employees, was featured on Orlando’s WOFL-Fox 35 News this past Thursday, November 10.

Special Projects Unit reporter David Martin produced and reported the FOX 35 News feature. Martin, who is well known to Central Florida viewers, focused on Employment Technologies’ EASy Simulations, explaining how this technology lets applicants “test-drive” the job, and helps employers hire better applicants.

His report utilized simulations produced by Employment Technologies to demonstrate how simulation-based testing works. Highlighted was a simulation developed to assess leadership abilities within the financial services sector. Using animation, the simulation featured an interactive exchange between a long-time financial center customer and a bank teller—typical of the types of challenges financial services employees face on the job every day.

Also featured in the report was EASy Simulation – Virtual Customer for entry-level and hourly workers, and Virtual Customer – Sales.

Employment Technologies’ Founder and President Joseph T. Sefcik, Jr., and Innovation Director Joe LaTorre both were interviewed in the FOX 35 report. Sefcik observed that simulation testing measures applicants’ actual observed abilities and performance, in contrast to how they might respond to written questions on a test.

LaTorre noted, “The technology is designed to actually screen people out who have a low likelihood of success,” adding “Applicants like the testing because it is sort of like video games for adults.”

Reporter David Martin concluded his report by explaining how Employment Technologies’ EASy Simulation testing eases the burden of hiring managers and assists employers in identifying applicants who will stay with an organization longer and perform at higher levels.

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