English Language Proficiency (ELP) Assessment


Language competence is a critical skill for most jobs, and especially for positions that require a high level of customer interaction like contact center jobs and customer service roles. With rising consumer expectations and the increasing number of customer touchpoints, the ability for employees to clearly communicate in English has never been more important. To help businesses ensure that their teams effectively interact with English-speaking customers, Employment Technologies has introduced the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Assessment to evaluate job candidates’ English language competency.

The new ELP Assessment offers a quick and accurate way to evaluate an individual’s ability to be easily understood when speaking to others. It is fully automated and measures fluency, pronunciation, listening, and comprehension. Powered by AI/machine-based scoring technology, the new assessment is easy to use, giving employers instant access to unbiased results.

“The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with English-speaking customers is critical to success in today’s multi-channel world,” notes Joe LaTorre, Director of Innovation. “Customer service personnel serve at the forefront of one’s business, fielding complaints, solving problems, clarifying technical issues, and ensuring satisfaction at every point of the customer journey. Our ELP assessment measures not only verbal fluency, but also the ability to understand what the customer wants and needs. For businesses like banking, healthcare, contact centers, and insurance companies where discussion issues are often complex, the ELP Assessment is a particularly useful new tool.”

English Language Proficiency Assessment can be administered on any smart device and provides secure, 24/7 access to easy-to-use reporting and tracking features. It is easy to combine with an organization’s current screening process or integrated with Employment Technologies’ award-winning Hire Confidence® Platform for a comprehensive, job-specific solution.

Businesses can arrange for a free demo of the English Language Proficiency Assessment at www.EmploymentTechnologies.com or toll-free at 888-332-0648.