EASyView Virtual Interview - Livestreaming


Interviewing and rating job candidates has never been easier, thanks to an entirely new livestreaming version of Employment Technologies’ EASyView® Virtual Interview platform.

EASyView livestreaming interviews provide features that extend well beyond basic teleconferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Facetime that simply provide face-to-face contact. EASyView livestreaming interviews provide employers with a powerful virtual interview package that includes interview scheduling, multi-interviewer access, interface for confidential notes during live session, online rating guides, and a database of recorded candidate interviews and results. EASyView is designed for easy integration with all leading HR and application tracking systems.

The new EASyView Virtual Interview technology features an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard that enables interviewers to assign ratings to candidate responses and to share recorded interviews online with other key decision makers.

Candidates can complete a livestreaming EASyView Virtual Interview from virtually anywhere, on any smart device. In addition, the platform can accommodate multiple interviewers from different locations.

“Our new technology is distinguished by its simplicity for both interviewers and candidates, as well as the depth of information it provides employers,” explains Joe LaTorre, Director of Innovation. “It fits well with the shift to virtual HR processes that have emerged during this challenging year for business, and it will continue to remain contemporary after today’s challenges have been resolved.”

This new technology can also be utilized in conjunction with Employment Technologies’ award-winning EASyView On Demand (automated) virtual interviews. Employers often use our automated interviews as a prescreen to identify top candidates to invite for livestreaming interviews.

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