New HR Technologies Combine the Best Aspects of Virtual Reality, Gamification, Assessment, and Simulation.


To boldly go where no one had gone before, crew members on the starship Enterprise would frequently visit the famous Holodeck. Using advanced technology, almost any environment could be created as a backdrop to facilitate a desired outcome. Star Trek characters used this star fleet feature to assist with everything from personal relaxation to critical problem solving.

The foundational concept behind the Holodeck is no longer limited to science fiction. Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, you can now transport yourself to the top of the Himalayas from the comfort of your couch. Or stroll down the Champs Elysées – no passport needed!

What is the main draw to virtual reality and simulation? The realness.

More than 25 years ago, Joseph Sefcik got a vision for creating virtual workplaces for employers to use when evaluating job candidates. By combining simulation technology and employment testing, Employment Technologies was born and their proprietary line of EASy Simulations began to help hundreds of companies identify top talent and reduce turnover.

What better way to assess a person’s skills and abilities than to immerse them in the demands of the job before you hire them?

Always pushing the envelope of possibilities, EASy Simulations now blend the best aspects of virtual reality, gamification, and advanced assessment science. These award-winning simulations are available online. Many are now mobile-friendly, enabling job candidates to complete them on their smartphones – from virtually anywhere, anytime. No VR headsets or extra equipment are needed!

Attractions and Amusement parks are other industries that have adopted simulation and VR technologies. This week at IAAPA – the largest global conference and trade show for the attractions industry, discussions will continue about how to best leverage new technology in all areas of operations. Illustrating the use of simulations in hiring will be Typhoon Texas, that state’s largest waterpark. When it was time to make their hires for their grand opening, they implemented EASy Simulation® Virtual Customer to gauge customer service skills and the results were stellar.

The Virtual Customer Simulation immerses candidates in a variety of theme park and hospitality settings where they assist customers. Their responses to various challenges are used to measure their abilities to solve problems, display conscientiousness, and work well with others. For an industry in which customer service is king, investing in an engaging hiring tool that pinpoints customer service superstars offers a high-yielding return.

The next time you stand in line at a theme park for an experience that uses simulation or VR technology, you can amaze your companions with a short yet insightful report on simulations for hiring. You might say that EASy Simulations help companies “live long and prosper!”

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