Looking Ahead to 2018.


I’m looking forward to the New Year. While I’m fairly confident that we’ll continue to experience more change and disruption in the marketplace, the good news is that with challenges come opportunities to learn and grow. Our approach to both determines much of the outcome.

Recently, I’ve been pondering this quote by well-known futurist Joel Barker,

“If you are not careful, your success in the past will block your chances to succeed in the future.”


We have a tendency to follow the same patterns, and even more so, to maintain many of the same expectations. These expectations over time can lose their original relevance and meaning. So, as I turn my calendar to 2018, I’m also turning my expectations toward discovering new options, new methods, and new ideas. I’m ready!

If we can be of assistance to you as we begin the New Year, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And if you’ve been pondering a new thought or reading an engaging book, share that, too!

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!


Joseph Sefcik

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