When it comes to getting insight into a young applicant’s skills, aptitudes, and abilities, nothing works like simulation.

Step back for a moment and think how applicants age 20-30 view simulation-based testing.

These young people have been engaged in onscreen experiences their entire lives. Invariably, they find simulation testing an experience similar to some of the onscreen activities they have enjoyed since they were old enough to manipulate a mouse to make things happen on a computer screen.

To be clear, simulation-based testing is not a video game – far from it. But, simulation testing is engaging and immerses people in challenging situations and customer interactions, which encourage responsiveness and eagerness to perform. And that kind of responsiveness is what enables simulation-based testing to accurately predict what applicants will do when they are put in direct contact with your customers.

When we ask for feedback from young applicants who have completed our EASy Simulation experience, the response is enthusiastic, consistent, and genuine. EASy Simulations are, in their own words, “realistic,” “engaging,” and “fun.”

And with that kind of feedback, think how pleased you are going to be when the new hires you discover via EASy Simulations encourage your customers to respond with words like “happy” and “satisfied.”