Okay, you want to improve your hiring and onboarding process.

But how do you make that change happen? What kind of specific strategies can you take to make better hiring decisions? What kind of results can you expect after implementing change?

In recent blogs, we’ve been talking about simple changes that can make a big difference in your hiring process. We’ve also outlined key strategies for implementing change. Now we’d like to share specific examples of how key clients are embracing change to achieve dramatic results.


A large customer service provider was bogged down by a labor-intensive screening process. To make matters worse, the assessment they were using wasn’t delivering the performance results they needed.

The company adopted the strategy “Be Dissatisfied” – which launched their search for a faster way to predict and hire the right people.

To transform their process, the company switched to our EASy Simulation Performance Platform.

The results?

By “being dissatisfied” with the status quo, the company found an innovative and highly effective solution that cut their time and cost to hire while dramatically improving their accuracy in predicting the best talent.

These changes, anchored around the EASy Simulation platform, gave the company a fully-integrated, highly interactive hiring approach that included: custom employment branding, a realistic job preview, an immersive EASy Simulation, and an automated prescreening interview.

The company’s initial goal was cutting time and cost to hire. With EASy Simulation, they quickly achieved this goal—with the added bonus of pinpointing better candidates, and hiring twice as many top performers.


Texas-based FirstLight Federal Credit Union, a community financial cooperative, had already been using EASy Simulation to hire qualified new tellers. Once the new hires had joined the FirstLight team, the credit union sought to maximize the talents of their new personnel.

The new VP of Human Resources adopted the management approach of “Find the Second Right Answer.”

The VP saw the potential of our CareeRx onboarding and performance reports that tie directly to EASy Simulation assessment results. She recognized that using a simulation resource could go beyond testing capabilities and help FirstLight tellers expand the capabilities they already possessed.

The credit union began utilizing EASy Simulation’s CareeRx reports as the foundation for their new teller mentoring program.

The results?

By leveraging resources they already had, FirstLight indeed “found the second right answer.”  Their smart new competency-based mentoring program now encourages and empowers new tellers to go beyond simply recognizing challenges to solving them. Tellers gain greater understanding and confidence in their new role, experience a true sense of belonging, and demonstrate considerable improvement in their overall performance and retention – making a direct impact on their bottom line. By using EASy Simulation results for both hiring and onboarding, the credit union achieved a 75% reduction in teller turnover and a 64% decrease in transaction and processing errors.


A well-known national retailer was looking for ways to improve their customer service levels. To achieve this goal, they adopted the management strategy, “Think something different.”

They chose to enhance the overall customer experience by starting at the beginning: how they hired people. Instead of simply doing the same thing they had been doing to identify job candidates, the retailer added something new to their screening process.

With the addition of our EASy Simulation® Virtual Customer assessment, they immersed job candidates in engaging, realistic, challenging, and interactive customer service situations.

The result?

Turnover dropped by 50%, improving service levels.

Thanks to the interactive selection process, the retailer pinpointed better candidates who were best suited to provide friendly customer service, effectively resolve customer issues and complaints, confidently promote products and services, and exceed customer expectations.

By “thinking something different,” they were able to zero in on candidates who were best qualified to enhance the overall customer experience and less likely to turnover.


Start by identifying what’s working and what isn’t. What are your biggest hiring challenges? Are there delays and bottlenecks in your process? What about employee performance and retention?

Once you identify priorities, consider new strategies for achieving your goals. And, if you’re looking for a fresh approach, call us to discuss your hiring and onboarding goals. We specialize in affordable, easy-to-implement solutions proven to deliver big results.