A survey of our top 5 company blogs for 2021 can be summarized in two words: Competitive Edge.

These posts provide pandemic-tested insights into recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, while offering a refresher on the familiar topic of customer service.

We’ve listed this power-packed group for you below. Just click the links to learn more, and kick off the new year with confidence!

The Truth about Test Length and Candidate Completion Rates

In today’s upside-down market, are you tempted to use ultra short tests, hoping to retain more candidates? Will it work? Here’s what science has to say about engaging the best talent and making quality hires.
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Shopping for a New Assessment? Consult the Experts First!

To make the most informed assessment decisions possible, check out our summary of advice from SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology).
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Virtual Interviews Are Here to Stay: What You Need to Know

Both candidates and recruiters enjoy the convenience and efficiency of virtual hiring and onboarding tools – especially for interviewing!
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Delivering a Winning Customer Experience, Why Live Chat is Key

With 75% of consumers preferring live chat over any other channel, how are you equipping your agents to meet this challenge? There’s a new simulation tool ready to help chat agents delight your customers.
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Time to Update Your Customer Service Strategy?

96.2% of consumers are willing to switch to another company if they think they’ll have a better experience. Don’t give your customers a reason to leave!
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