Twenty years ago we launched a business based on stories. Where it would lead us, we weren’t sure. Today we know.  While Employment Technologies is in the business of employment testing, our real business is creating and sharing immersive stories about companies and jobs. How we go about doing this is much different now than...

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Regardless of whether there’s an inflatable turkey in your yard or an elf of your shelf, holidays captivate us. We surrender to a flurry of activities and greater spending. For employers that expect to drive margin-increasing sales this holiday season, providing stellar customer service is essential. That’s why creating a strategic seasonal hiring and onboarding plan is...

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It was fun creating our scary poll this month, with the likes of zombies, Draculas, and Frankensteins. For the past few weeks, we’ve been asking readers to share what scares them most about hiring new employees. These “hiring nightmares” remind us of the internal strife and mayhem that can result from hiring the wrong person....

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