New eBook for HR Professionals offers insights on measuring and improving organizational HR effectiveness


Performance analytics – the intersection of performance management and the explosion of data available in today’s Digital Age – is explored in detail in a new eBook being offered to business leaders by Employment Technologies.

The 19-page eBook, Straight Talk on Performance Analytics, is aimed at helping human resource professionals gain clarity around performance analytics as a way to track, measure, and improve employee performance and organizational effectiveness.

Straight Talk on Performance Analytics provides an introduction to performance analytics and outlines how human resource professionals can utilize a step-by-step approach to create data-driven strategies for hiring, engaging, and retaining the best personnel for their organizations,” points out author Mary Ann Bucklan, Director of Research for Employment Technologies.

“The eBook includes illustrative case studies that show how performance analytics can help overcome challenges like early employee turnover and consistently making high quality hires, common to many organizations,” according to Ms. Bucklan, who has spent more than 25 years in human resource consulting, HR analytics, and employee selection and development.

Employment Technologies has long been a leader in advocating and creating people-centric, data-driven HR strategies that improve employee performance, boost retention, and drive business results.  

Human resource managers, as well as other business leaders, can obtain a free copy of Straight Talk on Performance by contacting Employment Technologies at 888.332.0648.