New hiring simulation pinpoints top candidates for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions

Employment Technologies, the inventor and world’s leading developer of employment simulations, has released EASy Simulation® for Universal Bankers – the newest innovation in their acclaimed line of EASy Simulation assessments for talent prediction.

Employment Technologies’ Universal Banker simulation is specifically designed to help banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions identify the best-qualified candidates for the new hybrid teller / financial sales and services role that demands frequent, ongoing customer interaction.

The new simulation immerses candidates in realistic on-screen interactions that require them to meet with virtual customers, resolve real-life customer issues and complaints, recommend appropriate products and services, and process transactions. The simulation approach provides a sharp contrast to traditional, text-based employment tests by requiring candidates to perform actual job tasks and demonstrate their abilities to deliver superior service for customers and members.

EASy Simulation for Universal Bankers seamlessly blends simulation and assessment technologies to pinpoint successful candidates who can turn every customer interaction into a positive experience.

Based on a thorough job analysis, the simulation measures the key skills, behaviors, and attributes required for optimal job performance in the hybrid role of Universal Banker, including:

  • Greeting customers with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Actively listening to identify customer financial needs and goals
  • Recognition and resolution of client concerns and complaints
  • Assessing and managing potential risk
  • Flexibility, including the ability to excel in multifaceted tasks and job roles
  • Ability to recommend correct solutions to meet customer needs
  • Personal interactive skills that deliver a positive customer experience

“In today’s competitive banking environment, financial institutions realize the importance of hiring employees who are able to successfully perform multiple roles,” explains Joe LaTorre, Employment Technologies’ Director of Innovation. “The traditional teller role has evolved past simply processing routine transactions, and there’s an emerging need for employees who can take care of any issue a customer may have.”

EASy Simulation for Universal Bankers builds on Employment Technologies’ comprehensive suite of hiring and development simulations created specifically for the financial services industry. Job-specific EASy Simulations are available for tellers, universal bankers, financial sales and services, banking supervisors, collections, contact center personnel, loans and administration, and financial center management.

Employment Technologies offers pricing models to fit every budget. The simulations are also designed for seamless integration with all leading application tracking and talent management platforms.

To request a free test drive of the new EASy Simulation for Universal Bankers, click here or call us at 888-332-0648.