Pre Hire Assessment Process

REVITALIZE YOUR PRE-HIRE ASSESSMENT PROCESS One of your greatest assets for improving your company’s pre-hire assessment process may be right around the corner, literally. Recent hires working at your company are a terrific resource for evaluating and updating your selection process. Having just completed the process, these individuals can provide pertinent feedback that can really...

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Talent Assessment

Part II – Job Fit and Talent Assessment from the Employee’s Point of View.   One summer during college I needed a job to earn money for the next year. There was a recession, I couldn’t find a job and was getting desperate. Finally, I found a job as a busboy. I had never worked...

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Talent Assessment and Job Fit

Part I – Job Fit and Talent Assessment from the Employer’s Perspective. If I asked a room full of people to explain job fit, I’d likely have as many definitions as people in the room. Job fit is one of those intangibles that hiring professionals know is important, yet due to past work experiences, there...

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