Mi Casa Resource Center

“I love how much our participants enjoy using the simulations. Every group says that the simulations are really fun—and we’ve used them with people from ages 18 to 56!” Carin Paupore, Lead Trainer



Companies often find that applicants are intimidated by employment tests. An organization in Denver, Colorado, now makes the daunting task of testing and training fun for both instructors and participants by using simulations developed by Employment Technologies.

Mi Casa Resource Center provides resources and support to promote the economic advancement of Latino and low-income families in the Denver Metro area. They offer specialized training to help job seekers enhance their skills and broaden their employment opportunities. Mi Casa then connects employers with trained, verified, and highly qualified candidates for open positions.


Mi Casa learned about Employment Technologies through researching software for their Bank Teller Training. The company’s reputation for customer service and easy-to-implement simulations seemed the perfect complement to help them achieve their assessment and training goals. Today, Mi Casa uses Employment Technologies’ EASy Simulation for Tellers and EASy Simulation – Virtual Customer to provide real-life, diagnostic skills assessments.


Carin Paupore, Lead Trainer for Mi Casa, notes that the simulations help participants learn and understand their strengths and opportunities for growth. The simulation format (being less text-based) is also ideal for candidates for whom English is a second language. “The simulations have also helped direct and refine our curriculum,” explains Paupore. “For example, the Virtual Customer simulation rates people on Friendliness, Conscientiousness, and Problem-Solving, so I ensure that these ideas are conveyed and practiced during the training.”

Paupore notes that employers also benefit from having access to candidate results and often ask for them when considering someone for a job.

“EASy Simulations offer a friendly and engaging way for participants to improve their skills—regardless of age or level of experience. I cannot think of a more objective or professional way to assess candidate skills and training results.” concludes Paupore.


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