“It’s a pleasure to work with the Employment Technologies team. They are diligent, have a robust solution, and are willing to get creative to meet their customers’ needs. We’re fortunate to call them our partners.”

Ammar Amdani, CEO, Airdesk

Airdesk is a leading nearshore outsourcing provider for fast-growing companies. With offices in Florida, New York, Honduras, and Mexico, Airdesk serves clients across a wide variety of industries, including fintech, e-commerce, marketplaces, insurance, healthcare, and more.


To provide the highest value to their growing client base, Airdesk was seeking an innovative solution for hiring the very best talent. As Lucia Artica, Head of Recruitment, explains, “We aimed to streamline our hiring processes by leveraging Employment Technologies’ job simulations to assess applicants more efficiently. By automating the assessment process, our goal was to reduce the time and resources required to identify top candidates.”


With tools specifically designed for contact center and BPO operations, Ms. Artica describes the key benefits of the new solution:

Job Simulations.

“These immersive simulations provide a realistic preview of the actual job role. Our candidates get a chance to experience the tasks and challenges they will face on the job, leading to more accurate self-assessment and better job fit.”

Virtual Interviews.

“Virtual interviews offer the convenience of conducting interviews remotely, which is particularly valuable for candidates and hiring teams who are geographically dispersed. They reduce the need for travel and associated costs for both candidates and interviewers, making the hiring process easier and more cost-effective.”

English Language Proficiency.

“This assessment provides a quick and objective measure of candidates’ language skills, ensuring that they meet the language requirements of the job.”


“Employment Technologies has helped us streamline our hiring process,” observes Ms. Artica. “By automating assessments, we have seen a significant reduction in the time and resources required, enabling us to make quicker and more accurate hiring decisions.”

“In addition, the software offers a user-friendly and efficient process for candidates. This has improved the overall candidate experience, leading to higher satisfaction and a positive employer brand for Airdesk.”


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