“SimulTask does not lie. It is as accurate as can be.”

– HR Operations Coordinator,, a leading ecommerce company, has been helping people repair their household products since 1999. With offices in Canada and the U.S., Fix offers the Internet’s largest collection of parts and repair help for all major brands and extensive product categories.

With its people-first approach, fast-paced work environment, and complex product line, Fix was seeking an innovative way to attract and engage the best new talent to serve their growing customer base.

Key goals for the new solution were:

Understanding the strong connection between an agent’s multitasking ability and a positive customer experience, Fix’s HR team was drawn to Employment Technologies’ SimulTask multitasking simulation.  This highly realistic simulation is specifically designed to measure a candidate’s ability to manage the pace of a customer interaction while efficiently navigating multiple online systems.

SimulTask was integrated seamlessly with Fix’s contact center agent selection process and was soon extended to supervisory roles. As an HR Operations Coordinator with Fix recalls, “The new simulation has been a significant improvement over the previous screening tool in aligning candidates’ abilities with critical job requirements.”

Employment Technologies’ responsive customer support also stood out, providing prompt assistance whenever needed, in contrast to their previous assessment vendor. With a blend of innovative tools and responsive support, Fix is well equipped to navigate the intricacies of contact center selection, ensuring that only the best candidates make it to the frontline.


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