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“We think the Virtual Customer Simulation is fantastic!”

Lisa Purdue, Corporate Director of Human Resources, shares her experience using EASy Simulation® Virtual Customer
Employment Technologies’ Virtual Customer Simulation is different from other assessment tools I have reviewed or have personally taken.  I love the fact that the simulation is based on how someone will actually interact with customers and handle common customer service issues.

So many assessments are personality based and I truly feel that candidates can “game” those types of assessments based on the position they are applying for.

With the Virtual Customer Simulation, candidates get to experience the job first hand. The customer situations are very realistic and really relate to us in the Hospitality industry.

From the employer’s perspective, we can see how the candidate will react to customer issues and how they will treat our guests.  From the candidate perspective, they can see what type of situations they might be faced with and decide if this is the right industry for them. The simulation is fun and interactive and really keeps your attention.  It’s also user friendly, so even if your candidates aren’t computer savvy, they can easily understand the directions and navigate the system.

What we like best about the Virtual Customer is that it accurately determines how the candidate will perform on the job when a conflict or issue arises.  It also helps us decrease the time we spend pre-screening and interviewing candidates.

We think the Virtual Customer Simulation is fantastic—and would highly recommend it to other companies in the hospitality or customer service industry.


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