Nationwide Retailer

Specializing in convenience stores, travel services, fuel, and quick-service restaurants

$2 Million Savings    


When a leading retailer recommitted themselves to service excellence, they knew they had a problem. Turnover. With more than 150 centers nationwide, their annual turnover was as high as 40% or more.


The retailer partnered with Employment Technologies to complete a 4-month pilot study to compare their old hiring process with the new EASy Simulation Virtual Customer screening process. Among the 1,235 employees hired across 54 service centers, one group completed the old process and one group completed the new Virtual Customer process.


With the new Virtual Customer simulation, their 30-day turnover dropped from 21.5% to 9.7%. The retailer’s 120-day turnover was also cut in half, dropping from 39.3% to only 19.3%. Based on these results, if the retailer hired 4,000 employees a year across 150 locations, the total savings (based on a conservative rehire cost of $2,500/employee) would be $2 million in turnover cost savings alone!


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