MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union

“It’s easy to use and gives us confidence that we’re hiring the right people.”
– Bryttani J. Graddick, Human Resources Manager


MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union is the oldest, locally-owned financial institution in Macon, Georgia. It is also the most progressive in embracing new technologies to identify and keep the best talent. Committed to the energetic vision of change and development, MidSouth was looking for a better way to accurately screen teller candidates. With Employment Technologies’ new Hire Confidence Platform, the credit union found just what it was looking for—and more!


The all-in-one Hire Confidence Platform lets credit unions choose from Employment Technologies’ award-winning line of EASy Simulations to create a fully-integrated custom solution. To strengthen its current HR process, MidSouth selected:

With so many candidates using standard resume templates, it’s often difficult to determine which candidates will actually excel on the job.” explains Human Resources Manager, Bryttani J. Graddick. That’s why MidSouth was eager to implement the new platform.


“Using the new system has truly afforded the credit union a more streamlined and thorough recruiting process,” states Mrs. Graddick. “By spending the time upfront to ensure that the candidates are the right fit for our organization, we have definitely seen an increase in more highly-qualified tellers.”

DeAnn Dent, Vice President of CU Development, has also seen significant improvements in the trainability and job readiness of new hires. “This is an excellent program,” she explains. “The new system is enabling us to make more reliable hiring decisions, which saves us a tremendous amount of time invested in training—both on-the-job and in-class training. In fact, our investment in the program paid for itself in ‘saved training time’ in the first month.”

“The new system gives us an accurate picture of each candidate, and as a result, we’re able to pick the cream of the crop,” explains Mrs. Graddick. “Basic math and cash handling skills are critical,” she continues. “With EASy Simulation for Tellers and Virtual Cash Drawer, we know how many errors candidates make, the types of errors they make, and whether or not they can maintain a balanced cash drawer.”

“The EASyView virtual interview is also a real time-saver and gives us a lot of information about each candidate before we even meet them. In addition to evaluating effective communication skills, it lets us know how well candidates can follow instructions and handle new technology.”

“The new system has definitely improved our HR process,” concludes Mrs. Graddick. “It’s easy to use and gives us confidence that we’re hiring the right people.”


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