Pediatric Healthcare

“EASy Simulation enables us to focus on potential top performers in the interviewing process.” 


When a leading children’s hospital was looking for a new strategy for reducing employee turnover and improving the consistency of their patient experience, they turned to Singola Consulting and Employment Technologies for help. According to a senior director in their ambulatory area, “We realized that we were interviewing for nice people, but not necessarily for the right people for the job.”


Their trusted partner, Singola Consulting, recommended Employment Technologies’ award-winning EASy Simulation® for Contact Center Agents. Working together, the team standardized their ambulatory service representative (ASR) role across the board, strengthened their screening process with EASy Simulation, and organized training for new hires based on key success competencies. “On our own, we didn’t have a way to accurately assess an applicant’s skills for the job,” explained the senior director.

Based on real-life customer situations and compelling storylines, EASy Simulation immerses job candidates in the demands of the job. This user-friendly, online simulation targets the key attributes directly tied to job success.


EASy Simulation for Contact Center Agents evaluates candidates based on their abilities to build rapport and empathy with customers, discover customer needs, resolve customer issues and complaints, quickly and accurately multitask, and build loyal customer relationships. All these are evaluated using the simulation and a full report to the hiring managers is provided.

“Our new employees are eager, focused, and catching on faster than before.”

EASy Simulation also plays a key role in the hospital’s ASR training program, with training modules developed by Singola Consulting, built around job competencies measured in the simulation. In fact, the integrated selection and training system was so valuable that they extended it to existing staff.  The shared experience and vision not only improved performance, but leadership observed an improvement in overall morale as well.  “Our patients and their families are the real winners.”

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