By Shawn Stewart, Director of Special Projects, Employment Technologies

How to Bring Clarity to Hiring


Hiring a new employee typically involves scanning a resume, reviewing an application, conducting an interview, and checking references.

The snag isnone of these steps let you see how the candidate will actually perform on the job.

Job simulations are the missing step.

For the biggest gains in employee performance and retention, organizations are increasingly turning to virtual pre-employment testing tools. And the value of pre-employment testing relies on three key factors:  accuracy, job relevance, and fairness.

Job simulations deliver all three.


By immersing candidates in real workplace situations, simulations let candidates prove their abilities to interact with customers and solve challenging issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. Because simulations are based on actual job tasks and realistic interactions, they deliver the highest accuracy in predicting future job performance and success.

For example, our EASy Simulations® are proven to identify candidates who are two to five times more likely to successfully resolve workplace issues, quickly and effectively multitask, and communicate with clarity and enthusiasm.



In addition to providing the highest predictive accuracy, simulations offer an engaging test-drive for job candidates. People who complete job simulations have more realistic expectations and are less likely to leave because of poor job fit. In addition, a new employee equipped with clarity about his or her role and performance expectations is more likely to integrate quickly and hit the ground running from Day One.

Your candidates will appreciate the difference. Here are just a few participant comments after experiencing an EASy Simulation:

“I really like how it showed real-life emotions and things people would really do and say.”

“This is the only employment test I have taken that was realistic.”

“The simulation gives great examples of what employees face on a day-to-day basis.”

“It’s more personal and real than a written or audio test.”

“I like the feeling that you are actually dealing with a customer.”

“The simulation was fun and at the same time you had to be serious about the problems—just like in reality.”



It’s important that candidates see a clear link between your pre-employment test and the requirements of the job. Our candidate reaction data indicate that candidates have a better overall experience and believe employment tests are fair, when there is a clear link to the job.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management agrees. Based on their analysis of common types of pre-employment tests,* only job simulations and work samples deliver on all three components: the highest accuracy and validity in predicting job performance, high face validity (meaning candidates perceive the test as relevant), and low risk for adverse impact for protected classes.

Job simulations bring clarity to the hiring process by creating a level playing field where all candidates are given an equal opportunity to succeed. Because they are highly job relevant, job simulations result in higher accuracy, more favorable applicant acceptance, and less adverse impact than traditional employment tests.



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* For a summary of the Office of Personnel Managements’ assessment comparison, click here.