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EASy Simulation for Financial Center Managers

The ideal tool to discover and develop top leaders!


Access is 24-7!

Just follow our 3-step setup process and you’ll be up and running within a week! We offer seamless integration with other HR processes. Our customer service is unparalleled in the testing industry.


Predict Top Leadership Talent

The simulation quickly and accurately predicts top leaders who will work closely with all members of the financial center to ensure the smooth and efficient operations of the financial center.


Give job candidates a preview of the job!

Immerse job candidates in this job where they experience the same rewards and challenges that your managers face on the job every day, such as analyzing trends and managing risks, and generating effective solutions to complex problems.

Quotation Icon “In today’s challenging banking environment, the value of the Financial Center Manager role cannot be overstated. Placing someone into this role who is ill-quipped to meet these challenges can have significant consequences.”
Mary Ann Bucklan, Director of Research
Employment Technologies - Simulation & Talent Prediction