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Having trouble finding and keeping great tellers?

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It's a real challenge in this evolving labor market, and the cost of making the wrong decision is high.

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There's no more engaging, accurate and fair way to select top teller talent than EASy Simulation®.

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Hire Efficient, Friendly Tellers

EASy Simulation for Tellers offers a powerful alternative to traditional teller assessments. Blending award-winning simulation and assessment technologies, the simulation creates a fun test drive for candidates while predicting teller job performance with unparalleled accuracy.

Your candidates will experience firsthand what it’s like to interact with a variety of customers with real-life questions and issues. Candidates will prove their abilities to learn and apply policies and procedures, review documents (e.g., deposit slips, checks, IDs), complete data entry screens, count and dispense cash using a virtual cash drawer, answer questions, and recommend products and services.

Now you can quickly and accurately predict top performers who will deliver superior service to your customers and build loyal customer relationships.

"By using EASy Simulations, applicants are able to get a real-life look at specific job responsibilities in a number of industries, including bank tellers, collection agents, customer call centers, and workplace competencies...The real-life scenarios and easy-to-follow tests give users a 'test drive' feel for the job."

—Editors, Top HR Products, Human Resource Executive

Powerful Insights in Minutes

EASy Simulation for Tellers gives you everything you need to assess, hire, and onboard top-performing talent – all in one easy-to-use tool!


Candidates can complete the simulation anytime, anywhere – on any smart device! Simply send them an invitation link or post to a job board.


You get instant access to candidate results on your own custom dashboard – where you can review, compare, and select the absolute best!


New tellers hit the ground running with their own personalized onboarding plan. From Day 1, you'll have unique insights into their strengths and performance gaps.

#1 Predictor of Job Success

  • Leverage our simulation-based approach – ranked #1 in predictive accuracy by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
  • Immerse candidates in real-life customer issues and interactions.
  • Eliminate “fake” answers – candidate responses reflect actual performance.
  • Create realistic job expectations for improved job readiness and retention.
  • Leverage multiple benefits for hiring, onboarding, and development.
  • Deliver a consistent, fair, and legally defensible process.

I was amazed at how ‘right on’ the results were with the performance of the individuals. We’re looking at our people in a totally different way now, and EASy Simulation for Tellers gives us an excellent picture of who we’re dealing with. We’re finding candidates who can actually do the job.

Human Resources

The caliber of tellers we hire today has increased tremendously. Now we’re hiring the right tellers with the right skills.

HR Assistant

EASy Simulation for Tellers has exceeded our expectations and has exhibited multiple benefits for selection, training, and retention of employees.

Senior Vice President

Immersive and Engaging

Here's what teller candidates are saying . . .

“This was one of the most realistic teller tests I have seen.”

“I liked that it was so interactive.”

“It puts you in realistic situations as well as testing your ability to count money.”

“This test was very accurate and easy to understand.”

“It’s more personal and real than a written or audio test.”

“It was realistic and kept my attention.”

Discover Greater Talent!

Attract and hire top performers who will:

  • Greet your customers with warmth and enthusiasm
  • Confidently promote products and services
  • Accurately count and dispense cash
  • Maintain a balanced cash drawer
  • Establish loyal customer relationships
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