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Proven and Accurate Talent Prediction

Job Simulations, Virtual Interviews, and Job Previews

Create Candidate Enthusiasm With Engaging Assessments

Immersive and Relevant

  • Experience is created around realistic situations for improved job readiness and retention
  • Job relevance of assessment contributes to high completion rates
  • Candidates don’t self-report so data you receive is objective

Have Confidence In Your New Hires To Deliver Top Performance

Data-Driven and Accurate

  • Observe how candidates interact with guests before you hire
  • Make data-driven hiring decisions that are legally defensible
  • Manage reports on user-friendly, online data center available 24/7


Backed By 30-Plus Years In Employment Testing and Service

Unparalleled and Innovative

  • Job previews can be customized and promote brand
  • Custom onboarding tools included with all simulations
  • Assessments can also be used to evaluate volunteers
Quotation Icon Every group says that the simulations are really fun --- and we've used them with people from 18 to 56!
Employment Technologies - Simulation & Talent Prediction