Newest simulation release by Employment Technologies ideal for financial centers to discover and develop their next generation of leaders

Banks, credit unions, mortgage lending companies, and other organizations with operations revolving around financial centers now have a new resource to strengthen the skills of their leadership teams. Employment Technologies, the world’s leading innovator of employment simulations, has just released their newest simulation for the financial services industry, EASy Simulation® for Financial Center Managers.  

“A key priority for today’s financial centers is identifying and grooming their next generation of leaders,” explains Joe LaTorre, Employment Technologies’ Director of Innovation. “Since many financial center managers are nearing retirement, it’s more critical than ever to discover individuals with strong leadership potential and to chart out a clear path for their career development.”

In response to this pressing need, Employment Technologies has created a simulation-based assessment that evaluates the key tasks and behaviors required to be a successful financial center manager. This highly interactive online simulation requires candidates to lead, coach, and develop financial center employees.  The simulation is the first assessment that requires candidates to demonstrate their leadership abilities in the context of the unique challenges and radical changes facing financial institutions today.

Based on real-world financial center situations, the new simulation accurately predicts top performers who will work closely with all members of the financial center to ensure smooth and efficient operations. EASy Simulation for Financial Center Managers is the ideal tool to strengthen the skills of existing managers and to discover and develop the leadership potential of future managers.

“Financial institutions can look to EASy Simulation for Financial Center Managers as a sort of coach that can develop their leadership staff to achieve their potential,” said Joe LaTorre. “Our new simulation places financial center employees in highly realistic, interactive, and revealing situations that uncover insights about their leadership potential and skills for leading others.” The specific attributes and job behaviors assessed by the simulation include:

  • Ability to lead, coach, motivate, and develop financial team members.
  • Communicate expectations clearly and directly.
  • Maintain strong focus on the customer experience.
  • Analyze trends and take strategic action
  • Generate effective solutions to complex problems

EASy Simulation for Financial Center Managers is the latest in the comprehensive suite of job-specific simulations that Employment Technologies has created specifically for the financial services industry. EASy Simulations are available for tellers, universal bankers, financial sales and services, banking supervisors, collections, contact center personnel, loan underwriters, and administration.

Employment Technologies offers pricing models to fit every budget. EASy Simulations are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with all leading applicant tracking and talent management platforms.

For your free test drive of the new EASy Simulation for Financial Center Managers, click here or call us at 888-332-0648.