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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Focus on Organizational Change and Upgrading Your Hiring Strategies


Labor Day has long signaled the end of summer.

Nature does its part by providing clear signals that change is on the way.

Almost overnight, the slant of the sun seems different. Air and light seem sharper. Cool breezes start to emerge, wiping away those summery hazes. Look at the leaves on trees and you can see the yellow ready to burst through the waning green. You will even see some leaves drifting to the ground.

And, with the arrival of Labor Day, one can almost feel the changes in the air as business resumes its usual hard-charging pace.

Embrace the changes that accompany fall’s arrival.

With everyone back in the office and the quickening of the pace of business it’s an opportune time to take advantage of the back-to-business mentality that historically accompanies Labor Day.

Everyone is more serious about the challenges ahead. With the end of the year nearing, staff and workers are more focused on meeting objectives and projected results, realizing that time is not waiting for them to produce.

That renewed sense of urgency is also a good time to consider possible changes that can make a positive contribution to your business.

One area that you can examine for change is your organization’s hiring strategies. With 2018 looming, you may wish to examine HOW you hire — BEFORE you hire.

Mary Ann Bucklan, our Director of Research, wrote an excellent blog series on organizational change. Now that change is in the air, I thought it would be an ideal time to revisit her suggestions. Following are just a few highlights.


When it comes to hiring the best people, making a few simple changes in your screening process can deliver dramatic results. A relatively easy change, for instance, is resequencing the steps in your hiring process. By placing the most accurate and objective screening tools first, you’ll save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Read more. 


Hiring new employees doesn’t have to be a guessing game. New technologies make it possible to radically increase success and retention in hiring. Five simple changes include:

1. Streamline your interview process with new virtual interview technology.

2. Consider adding tools that assess performance, such as job simulations and work samples.

3. Market your employment brand through engaging multimedia company previews.

4. Present a realistic preview of the job to help candidates decide if the job is right for them.

5. Consider job shadowing to help build realistic job expectations.

Read more.


While change isn’t easy, there are some considerations that can make change easier to implement.

Plan: Take time to understand and articulate the need for change.

Engage: Involve employees in decisions about change from the beginning.

Communicate: Clearly communicate about the upcoming changes in the most effective ways.

Evaluate: Identify a method for evaluation before you implement change.

Read more.

Whether you’re just getting back to work after a relaxing vacation, or sending your kids back to school, Fall signals a time of change and new beginnings. I encourage you to embrace change, and take time to identify positive – and often simple changes – that will make a big impact on your hiring strategies and organizational success.


Ready to maximize your hiring strategies?  Feel free to email me directly or contact me at 888.332.0648 to discuss your specific goals.


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