Job Description and Skill Alignment

  For most of 2015-2017, I was employed by Employment Technologies, headquartered in central Florida. As marketing director, I spoke confidently about how our testing products reduced the cost of turnover related to ill-suited hires. I engaged in conversations about hiring for skills over attitude, and promoted the merits of matching the right people to...

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Top HR Challenge for 2018 - Talent Assessment and the Candidate Experience

Talent Assessment and the Candidate Experience.   Millennial job candidates and the use of technology have dramatically altered the landscape of talent assessment. Attention spans are shorter and competition for top talent is fierce. Given these factors, hiring organizations need to strike the right balance between finding talent assessments that measure job-relevant factors that predict...

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Looking Ahead to 2018.   I’m looking forward to the New Year. While I’m fairly confident that we’ll continue to experience more change and disruption in the marketplace, the good news is that with challenges come opportunities to learn and grow. Our approach to both determines much of the outcome. Recently, I’ve been pondering this...

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