5 Ways to Modernize Your Hiring Process

Try These 5 Tips to Upgrade Your Hiring Strategies.   With a few simple strategies and steps, you can create a people-centric, data-driven hiring process that attracts the best new talent and drives results. 1. Engage applicants. Create a fun and positive applicant experience. Help your applicants out with an easy-to-follow process. You’ve been hiring...

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Choosing the right Pre-employment test

Pre-Employment Testing and Talent Assessment.   Making hiring decisions is one of the most consequential aspects of an HR professional’s job. Get it right, and everyone’s happy. Get it wrong, and it can cost up to two times the employee’s annual salary. The secret to effective hiring is finding the right tools to pinpoint the...

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Even the most seasoned interviewers make mistakes. And those mistakes may be costing you the best talent. So, here are the Top 6 interviewer mistakes, and our tips to help you avoid them. Mistake #1: Jumping to Conclusions The outcome of an interview is often decided in the first two minutes. Even though the interview...

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